I’m Zack Knoll.  I’m an electrical engineer who loves building stuff and tinkering with things.  I also have a problem where I fixate on things – specifically social issues – and have extensive internal monologues where I detail my political/social/economic views to myself.  The problem is that mulling it over in my head isn’t a point-to-point process, and ideas jump around and plague me for weeks, reappearing when I am reminded of the topic at hand.  I am creating this blog to get these ideas and viewpoints out, not necessarily for other people to see, but to solidify my stance on said issue.  If in the process, I can change someone’s view, then I believe that something positive will have come out of it.  Likewise, if someone wishes to change my views, I am also open to that, as long as you dictate your opposing ideals in a logical fashion.  I am willing to reevaluate my views as long as the opposing party is as well.

As I continue this site… if I continue this site, it may morph into more than just what I’ve detailed above, in which case I will try to group posts as much as possible.  Or it may die, and I’ll never post anything after about a month.  Time shall tell.